I’ve been at my grandparent’s for three days. (Parents were in Vancouver, B.C. for their anniversary — #22.) It was really nice to get away. I’ve said it before, but their place is like paradise. It feels like I’m at a bed and breakfast, except I’m not staying at a stranger’s place… I’m with the people I love.

We went to downtown Seattle on Saturday and ate at the Bell Street Diner. I really enjoyed the experience. Which was surprising because I was expecting not-so-good food and a squirmy cousin. But, instead everything went well. I ordered a charcoal grilled salmon burger. The salmon was really good. The fries too.

I helped my cousin feed a pigeon crackers.

On Monday I went to the park. It was fun, but I hurt my hands doing the monkey bars and the zip-line. (ouch.) Oh, and I did lots of swinging. (yay!)

If I wasn’t doing the above, I was probably sleeping or watching a movie. My grandma and grandpa have a ton of movies (mostly old classics), and are always recommending I watch something. Which is fine with me, because I love watching movies. I saw:
“My Cousin Vinny”
“The African Queen”
“The Edge”
“Sense and Sensibility”

Ah, I’d say “The Edge” was the best one out of the bunch. It starred Bart the bear. (Ha ha.)

I woke up this morning and felt out-of-place because I was in my own room.