Yesterday I came home and decided to draw. Corinna made me do it. No, actually she had a drawing of hers and it made me want to draw too.

I think it took me an hour, but I managed to duplicate Vonna’s senior photo in pencil. I even did some shading, something I’ve never tried before. It turned out really well, except for her mouth. I can’t seem to get mouths right. The teeth look all wrong.

I asked my mom and dad who they thought it was in the drawing. They both asked if it was a self-portrait. Uh, no. I guess I’m the only one that really sees the resemblance.

I’m thinking of giving the portrait to Vonna on her birthday, which is coming up pretty soon. We’re going to Camino Island again. It was so much fun last year! And this time there are going to be people from youth group and possibly some from a church in Maltby there. (Natasha?)