The Band Festival at Snohomish High School was today. The bus ride there wasn’t too long, but I played a guessing game with Cherlynn anyway. Why not? Heehee.

We sat in on one band’s performance. I actually started getting nervous. I usually don’t feel nervous for band performances, but this time I felt the butterflies. It must have been because I had a duet with Diane (just the two of us playing) for a few measures in “1812.”

Wind Ensemble played “Ave Maria” and “Overture 1812.” Mrs. Moffat said we played the beginning of “Ave Maria” beautifully. I don’t remember much about it myself. All I know is that it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t too good either.

During “Overture 1812” the trumpets were too “strident” as the adjudicator called it. In other words, the trumpets were too bright and too loud. During the duet, Diane spaced out and didn’t even come in with me. Someone else (probably Sarah) came in instead. Mrs. Moffat had looked at me after I was done and gave a “thanks for coming in on time” smile. (Whew! Things went okay!)

The adjudicator talked to us and told us things we’ve already heard: we need to work on staying together, doing accents, warming our sound up from 68 degrees to 85 degrees; little things like that to make the music “whole.”

In the end we received a 2 rating from a 1-5 scale, 1 being the best. Every band that had played before us but one had gotten a 2, too.

The bus stopped for lunch and I had Subway. I had a turkey sandwich with cucumbers on it… never tried that before, but it was good. I felt like I was eating a salad on two slices of honey oat (yum) bread. Salads have been sounding good to me lately.

Got back in time to change out of my dress. And, I tell you, it’s not easy changing in a small two-stall bathroom crowded with half a dozen or more other girls.