In my latest dream, I was a male elephant. I must have been the alpha male (or whatever it’s called), because I was concerned about leading the herd somewhere and protecting all of them.

I was particularly concerned about the baby elephants. I was leading the herd up. Up through the jungle, to where I don’t know exactly, but it was important for all the safety of the herd. I would go to the back of the line and motivate some of the other elephants to keep going and then presume my spot at the front.

At one point, I attempted to count the elephants, to make sure they were all there, but it was too hard. The elephants were moving around too much and it was difficult to remember how to count correctly. I gave up counting and pressed on.

My dream was an explanatory dream: “These kinds of dreams are about exploring your daily problems. In them, you receive all the information you need in order to resolve any life crisis that you are unable to deal with in a wakened state. However, the dream is usually very abstract and you may find it difficult to determine what it is trying to tell you because of all the symbols involved.”

The dream was focused on the present.

In waking I felt slightly confused and eager.

Elephants: “These fascinating animals might frequent your dreams when you are concerned about remembering something important- during times of study, for example.

“Because they are large, slow moving animals, elephants might also signify your concern about excess weight or a project that isn’t moving as fast as you would like.”

I believe that the project my dream speaks of is my Senior Project. I have been extremely worried about completing it and feel I haven’t been working on it enough. It doesn’t help to know a few people are already done with theirs.

This coincidence makes me want to believe dreams have a significance.