Now, more than ever, I realize I express myself better through writing. Talking sometimes feels awkward. Actually, I think being too quiet is awkward. I wish I’d stop doing it.

Of course, I’m not always quiet. I’d say I have two different kinds of “modes” to my personality. If I’m at school, chances are you see my “It’s school-time and I’m ready to work hard” mode. Unless I’m ready to goof off. Sometimes you just gotta.

At home, I’m the daughter that won’t shut-up. I start about half of my sentences with “Today in Block class…” and my parents are always asking when my story is going to be over. I just get carried away with tangents. They make me laugh.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been coming up with questions. Little things that pop into my head.

1) If you’re from Massachusetts what are you called? (I’m thinking Massachusen.)

2) Is a peanut one peanut or two? (We discussed this in Journalism.)

3) Is it worth caring for someone when they don’t know you do?