Does anyone else feel like they’re cheating on their diary when writing in their LiveJournal? I do. I have a diary that I’ve been keeping since 1995, and now that I have a LiveJournal, I don’t write in it very often. Not that I did write in it very often before, but now it’s just worse.

I enjoy sharing my thoughts with the rest of you guys, though. And that is something that can never really be done with a diary. It isn’t really the rest of the world, when you select “public.” Which is kind of comforting to know, because I know that the only ones who really read my entries are basically Stiqayu people (And a few others. I didn’t forget about you.) I still choose “public” anyway. Just in case. Just in case what, though, I do not know.

One thing I like is the fact that I don’t need to start every entry with “Dear Diary.” Or date my entry. So, that’s pretty nice. And my hands don’t get as tired when I’m typing, opposed to writing out every single word. Yep.