I just spent about 45 minutes jumping on our trampoline. Yes, we now have a trampoline, thanks to my mom’s impulse buying. My sister was watching an infomercial yesterday morning about a fitness package that included a trampoline, and in the evening they came home with one.

It’s true: exercising relieves stress. I was jumping and jumping and jumping, while listening to music, and things started to not seem so horrible. I don’t know if these good feelings will last me throughout the next week, but I’ll try to be happy.

Why so horrible? Reality has set in, and it’s not pretty. I’m angry and disappointed in myself for not taking credit recovery seriously enough. I’m disappointed for a wasted weekend. What did I do this weekend? Nothing fun.

I feel lonely.

There I go again not being happy. But, now I have chemistry homework to look forward to because I procrastinated. Yippee.