I was supposed to be very busy today, but I wasn’t. I was going to practice my ensemble at Allix’s house in the morning, but it was canceled for several reasons. Reasons I’d just rather not go over.

Today I was supposed to have my friend, Lauren, over because she wants to learn how to crochet. We were also going to watch “Pride and Prejudice” together. We have both read the book, she hasn’t yet seen the movie, and of course I wouldn’t mind watching it again. The get-together is rescheduled for next week.

We talked on the phone last night for over two and a half-hours. It was one of the best conversations I’ve had in a long time. It was amazing how much we understood each other, how much we had in common. I called her again today. I can’t wait until tomorrow in Block class because I have a surprise for her. Heehee.

I’ve got Pachelbel’s Canon in my head. Now, that’s a beautiful song.