I had a good day today. I think there just are some days, like the last day of the semester, that makes you feel good inside no matter what.

I woke up today, tired from studying and finishing projects, but still pumped for the day because it was the day The Stiqayu came out! I realize I am the only one that wore our Stiqayu t-shirts today, but you know, I like doing it because not only do I not have to worry about what I’m going to wear, I get to walk around school advertising for our awesome paper as if to say, “Yeah, you better recognize.” I helped stuff ads around 7 in the morning, and it felt good. (I looked in the mirror when I got home and realized that I had probably been walking around with black smudges on my face from the black printing of the newspaper. I’ve got to stay away from touching my face before I wash my hands. Oh, well. I started something new.)

In Block I used my time as wisely as I could and studied some more for a WSH Final (Credit Recovery) I was to take. I really don’t think I did well at all. I wasn’t surprised at how many questions I did not know, though, because I didn’t really study. I hope like mad that I got a good grade on the test, but I doubt it. I never thought I would let it happen, but it is possible I failed the thing. Yuck.

Band was band. We didn’t get a break in the class today. We practiced for two hours. Why? Because we were given two hours. I played so much that my face around my mouth started hurting, which made it difficult to play high notes. The band tried to have a vote between two pieces of music today. We need to pick one of two to really practice, and then perform in New York in May in a Heritage Festival. So which one will it be? Symphony No. 5 Finale by Shostakovich or Symphony No. 4 Finale by Tchaikovsky? Both are extremely hard, but personally I like Symphony No. 4, the one that isn’t 9 pages long, even if it has so many runs in it that people go crazy.

Today was my last day as an office assistant for the Counseling Center. I’m really going to miss it. I’m going to miss Mrs. V., Mrs. C., Mrs. T., Mrs. M., Ms. H., Mrs. D., and Ms. R. I’m actually going to miss running notes to students all over the school, making copies, and filing student information. It felt like a real job, and has taught me many skills. With the end of the semester, I now know the school like the back of my hand, I know the alphabet backwards and forwards, and I know now that being an adult isn’t half bad. (Mrs. V. plus Ms. R. equals acting crazy and laughing like mad. Ah, good times.) I already know who is going to take my place for the second semester. This kid named Spencer. He looks nice, like he could handle things well. Needs to learn the school a bit, but he will do fine. Maybe it’s a good thing; there needs to be a bit more testosterone in the Counseling Center. Ha ha. Mrs. V. sent me off with a big hug and a candle labeled “calm.” I am supposed to stop by often.

Then last, but not least, I went to Journalism. We had a great end of the semester day if I might say so. We finished a test, but enough about that. Handing out awards was next. Everyone had great awards; they were all funny or heart-felt. I received the “Quality and Quantity Award.” At the top of the page it said, “She wrote how much!?!” Three pages, yes, I know. LOL. We then looked at the paper, which was pretty darn awesome. Oh yeah. We also had a talent show today, and I just have to say, I never knew Alex had such a sense of humor. I love it. The whole thing he did with the lights off and then the spotlight as he told his story was hilarious. It’s true, Alex is the best dancer. The Improv did a skit on Matt’s day, which although seemed to lack some enthusiasm, or something, we can all just blame it on Matt’s day… no, we all love Matt, too.

I went to another boys’ basketball game tonight. We played the Lynnwood Royals. It was another close game. Amazing finish, I might add. Ask me about it on Tuesday if you want to know and didn’t see it, either first-hand or on TV. Yeah, it was televised. Jackson won 61/59. Woohoo!

Yeah, I’d say it was a pretty good day.