My grandma wants my family and I to stay with them for a month after I graduate. My grandma who lives in Nebraska, that is. We haven’t been back since we moved here, which is a little bit more than two years ago.

I’m really excited to go back. I want to see all the familiar places and faces that we left behind. I’ll see Grandma, Papa, Barb, Lindsay, Sandy, Kurt, and little Kaleb. I’ll see Amanda, Caitlin, and Heather. I’ll see Dan, Christie, Emily, and Taylor. I’ll get to eat at Valentino’s, Runza, and Amigos. Maybe even go to my old school and visit a few of my teachers. I really miss Mrs. C.

For a whole month. It makes me feel wanted and loved by my grandma, something that sometimes I feel I never got enough of. She would always buy us things, candy mostly, when all I wanted was a hug or an “I love you” to show me she cared. Same goes for Papa. Someday I would really like to have a conversation with the both of them. Not just the usual over the phone:
“So, do you have a boyfriend?”
“Well, why not? I’m sure you do. You’re probably chasing the boys.”
“It’s not all about that, Papa.”

I’ll be happy to go back. It will be weird, though. Everything I remember about Nebraska will have changed.