Tonight was late night, I know.  I wasn’t there, you know.  I really should go sometime, shouldn’t I?  I think I need that experience.  Yeah.  Next time.

The thing is, I was at the basketball game tonight.  It was required for band to play at the game.  I was also working on doing a deadline story on the game.  Doing two things at once equals really fun.

I was rushing through interviews (including two Australians, ha ha!) and trying to get back to my seat in time to play after the third quarter break.  Adrenaline was pumping. 

Of course, adrenaline was there to begin with.  The basketball game was one to remember.  Jackson vs. Kamiak is one close match.  We were tied in the game about three times, there were tons of fouls, amazing shots, misses, and time-outs.  Jackson tied the game 60/60 at the last possible second to go into over-time.  In the end, Jackson won 68/66.  Everyone was screaming their heads off.  It was so much fun.

But, seriously on the late night thing.  Make me go.