You know what I love?

I’ll be at home whistling this song that’s been in my head all day because I played it in band, or I’ll just be whistling any old song. Then I stop. A little while later my dad is whistling the same song. He subconsciously picked up the tune when I was whistling it. I’ll ask him, “Dad, what song is that?” He has know idea what song it is. To him, he just suddenly knew the melody. Then I start laughing. He says to me, “You were whistling it, weren’t you!” That is just so funny! Ha ha!

Then that reminds me of another story:

My grandpa told us once that for about a month he had the same song stuck in his head. He would sing it and hum it every day. What song was it? It was the “Meet me at DQ” jingle from the Dairy Queen commercials! Ha ha!

I just love that kind of stuff.