I was eating lunch just a while ago. My mom was looking at a “Party City” ad, and said to me that we better start planning my graduation party. She already knows that she wants to bake french bread and have deli sandwiches and that we’re going to have balloons taped onto the fence in the backyard.

“We’ve only got five months left,” she said after counting on her fingers. “It’s like planning a wedding, we’ve got so much to do.”

It’s amazing how quickly time passes by. I remember talking to one of my neighbors when I was still in elementary school. She asked me what high school I planned to go to. I was like, “High school?” Back then, high school was this unimaginable thing in the future that probably would never happen because it was so far away. Not true anymore. I’m almost done with it.

I’m not ready to graduate yet, I’m not ready to grow up. But, I know it’s going to happen anyway.