Vonna came over today. She brought with her my late Christmas present. It was an Italian charm for my bracelet, an angel. (Yes, I have one.) I could tell she even spent a lot of time to wrap the little box it was in. I am blessed to have her as a friend.

We watched “Bruce Almighty,” starring Jim Carrey. I’d say it was a good movie. Right up there with “Liar Liar.” I laughed the whole movie through. It has a nice message. Strangely, Jim Carrey doesn’t look like himself during the serious parts.

I actually did get something done on my Senior Project — to finish writing and publish a short story. I added about a page of text. Vonna helped me with it. I chose to write about photography even though I don’t know much about it, and she was my source of information. It turned out pretty good.

I have my second meeting with my mentor next Saturday and am really excited about it. My mentor went through my whole story and made a ton of suggestions. I love constructive criticism! Ha ha! I’m OK.