I realized several things today. Here are a few:

1) Music is such a wonderful thing. When I listen to music, my stresses, my fears, any troubles that I have just melt away. When I listen to music, everything is right in the world. It makes me feel happy, reassured that everything is okay. That’s probably why I love being in band so much. Together, students are able to create beautiful music… and I’m part of it. Band in first period just starts the day off right.

2) I rarely judge people. I wait until I find out who someone really is before I make any decisions about whether or not I like them. When others are quick to label, I try and find what makes a person a truly amazing person. Possibly a good friend that people over-looked.

3) There will always be beautiful people in the world. There will always be the plain. But I believe it is what a person does; a person’s actions, that makes them truly beautiful.

Just one question: Is anyone reading these things?