Yesterday my sister said that lately I’ve been acting “giddy.”

giddy — adj. 1. affected with vertigo; dizzy. 2. attended with or causing dizziness: a giddy climb. 3. frivolous and lighthearted; impulsive; flighty.

Well, I guess I agree with her. I have been extra happy these days. I don’t think it’s the winter break. I’ve got too much stress weighing me down as the days disappear, and my homework surfaces. I did do some homework yesterday, though.

I typed up my interview with Aubrey. Now I just have to write a few papers… or just finish them, and I guess start thinking about questions for people like Mrs. M from band and Mrs. H from choir. I don’t want to talk to Mrs. H. She was extremely rude to me once; shook me up a bit.

Off on a bit of a tangent there… even though I have stress in my stomach from my own procrastination, I have butterflies in my lungs. (Does this make sense?) Like I’m excited for something.